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What Is Recycled Nylon

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Update time : 2020-08-28 12:20:16
Recycled Nylon

Recycled Nylon has the same benefits as recycled polyester: It diverts waste from landfills and its production uses much fewer resources than virgin nylon (including water, energy and fuel).
A large part of the recycled nylon produced comes from old fishing nets. This is a great solution to divert garbage from the ocean. It also comes from nylon carpets, tights, etc.
Recycling nylon is still more expensive than new nylon, but it has many environmental advantages.
A lot of research is currently being conducted to improve the quality and reduce the costs of the recycling process.

Nylon is one of the strongest plastics we use in our products. When we need a super-lightweight fabric, it’s critical that we use nylon for its strength. With our goal of moving completely from using virgin content to recycled content, we need recycled nylon to continue making some of our favorite technical bra and legging and to maintain our performance standards.

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