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2017 HK Global Sorce Fashion--Asia Expo

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Update time : 2018-01-03 15:16:28
We took part in 2017 HK Global Sorce Fashion Asia Expo. Our products are very popular and inquired by visitors oversea.
We displayed high-quality sports wear and outdoor clothing in the exibition.
By this opportunity, we got idea what the customers need and what is the trend in the clothing field recently. It guides us for next year development.

As far as we learnt,the high-qualtiy products with competitive price is the goal we need to pursuit insistently.And we should make full use of all resource to achieve this goal.
As there are more and more small buyers sourcing the realiable wholesaler, we are try to start ODM service as well.
We are more clearly know what we should do next from the talk with the customers.

Looking forward to your suggestions and business proposal.
Helen (
Sophia  (

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